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Tessaiya - Clash of Wills

The world has already come to its end, but in order to restore it to its once pristine state, Mira has to go down onto the world and purify the Elementals with control over Light, Dark, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. Will Mira accomplish to purify every Elemental and restore the world to its former state?


  • Classic turn-based battle system
  • Fiel magic: Players need to solve puzzles on the map using spells
  • Skill system: Skills can be individually improved in any order
  • Orb system: Equipment can be improved with additional stats
  • Journal: All information concerning story and lore are written down here
  • Skits: Outside of battle, players can listen in to optional conversations between paty members
  • Mana sources: They act as save points and can be visited to refill potions for free