About The Team


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Mashiro Jin

I can draw. That's basically it. Apart from that I study Digital Media Production at university and manage to write working code once every 3000 years, which then contains 1000 bugs. Luckily that's why I work on the graphic aspects of our projects. On occasion I also cook for everyone. Since we unfortunately don't have an office, I then have to eat by myself.

MoD366s Avatar


A website needs to be programmed? Sure, I'll do it. Writing dialogues? No problem. Storywriting? Not exactly my strength, but doable. Creating graphics? Stay away with this hellish stuff! That pretty much sums up my skills in (game) development.


Chocos Avatar


Initially I joined the team for graphics work. Meanwhile I design solely NPCs and monsters. And I critique every last Detail of Streema's drawings x'D. As Online Communication student I will be managing our social media accounts, as soon as it's time for that.

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G'Day! I am Streema, story writer, graphics designer, lokal owl guy and the one creating the most crap! Story writing is where I blossom and I'm creating graphics for our studio for several years. In case of any questions, just ask °^°7

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Hey, I'm the Lazear. Since my name tells what I'm about, I sometimes have trouble learning new stuff, but I really try not to get too distracted ^^" In our team I am responsible for the games' balancing and database and like Streema do story writing. Apart from that I am currently trying to get into JavaScript.